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You will pay only Rs. 1500

Why Gold Mine Plan?

Plan Ahead

Plan Ahead

Subscribe to plan for your future high value purchases

For Special Moments

For Special Moments

Plan for gifting on special occasions like Birthdays, Weddings etc.

Special Discounts

Special Discounts

Pay 10 installments & get 100% discount on the 11th installment

How it works?

3 easy steps to purchase the jewellery of your dreams

Pay Monthly

Pay Monthly

10-month installments with easy payment options

Get Special Discount

Get Special Discount

Get 1 monthly installment for FREE in the 11th month

Redeem & Purchase

Redeem & Purchase

Redeem final amount after 11 months and buy at any of our stores / online

Gold Mine Calculator

Slide or enter monthly installment amount

You pay
Rs. 12000
Special Discount
Rs. 500
Rs. 12000
Your total payment
(Period of 10 months)
Special Discount on 1st installment
(25% off on 1st Installment)
100% Discount on 11th installment
(100% of 1 month installment value)

Buy any
jewellery worth:
(after 11th month)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • You can redeem at any of our stores or you can redeem online after the tenure of the scheme.

  • You can purchase either plain gold jewellery or diamond/gemstone studded jewellery on BlueStone website/App or at any of our stores, but the redeemable amount cannot be used for purchasing Coins & Solitaires.

  • Yes, you can redeem and purchase anytime. However, you will get special discount if you pay installments for atleast 5 months. Please refer the table below for details

    You Pay for Special Discount
    10 months 100% of one installment amount
    7 months 50% of one installment amount
    5 months 25% of one installment amount
    You will get special discount after 30 days from the last installment due date. You can redeem all your payments and special discount at the time of purchase.

    • Special Discounts on Birthdays / Anniversaries will be provided. That can be clubbed with the free installment for added benefit of the purchase.
    • Plan Benefits (of 11th installment free) can be clubbed with existing website offer during redemption.

  • Only if you've nominated him/her at the time of enrolment, can he/she redeem the money on your behalf by completing the necessary mandatory processes.

  • No, you can't change the amount after starting the Plan.

  • In the event of the death of the account holder, the account is transferable only to the person who is nominated by the account holder in the enrolment form at the time of opening the account. Minors cannot be nominated.

  • Yes, you will receive the confirmation via Email, SMS and will be provided access to Online Passbook (Dashboard) to check your payments, status, installments paid, due dates etc. You can check your Online Passbook by doing the following:

    • Login using email ID used to start the plan
    • Check My Account (Gold Mine)
    • Or Click on any of the Gold Mine 10+1 banners and then click on "Go to My Gold Mine" to check the Passbook.

  • There are multiple payment options: Netbanking, Credit & Debit Cards.

  • The first installment will be paid during the time of enrolling, the payment cycle for the next installment will be 30 days from the first.

  • Yes you will get the confirmation on the Online Passbook, SMS, Email for every installment.

  • You can login and click on Gold Mine Banner, then go to My Gold Mine, there will be a dashboard to check for payment status, due date, details etc.

  • Yes, you will get Email, SMS reminders before the monthly due date.

  • If Payment is delayed for greater than 2 installments, 100% of the special discount will be deducted. (Basically you will not be eligible for special discount).

  • You will receive a payment success Email, SMS and you can login in and check your payment status in My Gold Mine (Under My Account).

  • You can retry by logging in, then go to My Account, then go to My Gold Mine, then in the dashboard click on Pay Now for the payment which failed and retry. For more queries, contact our Customer Support.

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